How do diverse brains implement diverse strategies to achieve goals? 

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Brains exist to allow flexible behavior in the face of changing circumstances in the world. In order to be successful, it should be possible for brains to produce a variety of different strategies for tackling a complex problem. To best ensure survival, variety should be seen both within a single individual, and between individuals.

How do brains implement different cognitive strategies, both between individuals, and within them? To answer this question, our laboratory studies individual differences and sex differences in motivated behavior and executive function in mouse models.

The NeuroGOAL lab is directed by Dr. Nicola Grissom and is a part of the Psychology Department at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus. 

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Schematic of a test of motivation, the progressive ratio task. Animals must respond at the lit target n times to get a reinforcer - and once they do, earning the next reinforcer will require a progressively greater number of responses.