Join Us!

light rail pulling into campus

The University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus sits just across the Mississippi River from downtown Minneapolis, and is walkable, bikeable, and has great public transportation.

Seeking motivated trainees at all levels to get involved!

Postdocs: Please send Dr. Grissom an email describing your research background and interests.

Potential Graduate Students: Please email Dr. Grissom if you are a potential Psychology graduate student interested in joining the lab, or if you are a Neuroscience graduate student interested in a rotation. 

Undergraduates: Please email Dr. Grissom with the subject: Join the Lab

In your email, please paste the following questions, and your answers:

  • Major and Year of Graduation?
  • Why are you interested in the lab?
  • What courses have you taken in Psychology, Neuroscience, or Biology?
  • GPA for those classes?
  • Do you have prior lab experience? Where and when?
  • Are you interested in working for course credit or as a student employee?
Original Skinner operant chamber

One of the original operant chambers designed by B.F. Skinner when he was a member of the Psychology Department in the 1930s.